Today I went to Yehliu

Yehliu is a port town at the very North of Taiwan. I chose my day, the sun was hot and bright...maybe too bright for my camera though. i had a hard time playing with the contre-jour.
It was full of tourists, and every body took the same photos, posing beside the "queen's head" or in front of the ocean. So people waited in procession to take pictures, they queued up, as usual, very polite and patient!
It was so hot today, and the rock formations at yehliu were the perfect place to get roasted by the cruel sun. And roasted and sweaty i was... ( see picture) Summer is the period when i shed skin... it peels off because i am sun-burnt!
The scenery is amazing there. There is a huge yellow cliff with bizarre-shaped rocks and holes and cracks on the ground. it is exactly how i would have imagined the moon looked like if we had not sent people there to see how it really looks like. ( hum... i really feel like a 3-year old when i spaek english like that! hahaha!)
The yellow of the earth is matched by the green of tropical plants and the blue of the sea.
people usually stay on the path and just go on the site to take pictures. But i climbed two hills to the observatory, where i enjoyed the silence and the view. It is such a treat to be able to enjoy the silence, far from the permanent noises of Taipei! it was all flowers and bird songs up there. And it must be the butterflies' reproduction season, because there were so many. I even saw two huge black ones -as big as my hand- i tried to take pictures of them, but when they got close i got scared, so i wasn't really successful! they are really impressing. I also discovered a new kind of animal/insect/sea..food? it is called "sea cockroach" in chinese 海蟑螂. little kids are scared of them, scream and run away when they see one, and sea cockroaches are scared of little kids, move their antennas and "run" away when they get close! So they end up chasing each other when they were trying to avoid each other..
Pictures of the beautiful Yehliu natural park in the next post.