sandy models

A few week-ends ago, my aspirin-colour self and three golden-skin friends went to the bai sha wan, an -almost- white sand beach. The weather was great except that a strong wind was blowing the sand on our skin (free exfoliation) and the sand was boiling hot. I had never bathed in such warm water , i must have spent half of the time in the ocean -anyway, it was impossible to shai taiyang because of the wind, we would have ended up with strange sand-pattern tans. Swallowing so much sand makes one thirsty, so Josh and I went to get more water from the car, and were stopped on our way by a group of people. They were taking pictures of a car ( a kind of giant burgundy motor-insect) for a magazine. they made us pose in and in front of the car and promised to give us the pictures and send us a copy of the magazine. here is one of the pictures:

you must have noticed that "my English is no" lately ;)