I am back on come to my island

So many things happened since i have last written on this blog. I traveled, i moved again to France for a while, i made new plans for next year, i fell in love, I ate funny things, i saw french and chinese movies i could not see in Asia, i made new friends, i lost a few, i looked for jobs, i met a few surgeons, i have been massacred by one, i took pictures, good and bad ones, i watched my 2 brothers becoming adult (1) and getting older (the other 1), i puzzled my mum's cat who could not recognize me, i wore cucumber-green trousers and traumatized South-africans and Californians with them, i caught colds and nursed them, i actually set foot in the US, i bathed in the ocean(s), i discovered new drinks with funny tastes, i stuffed myself with doufu, i criticized Americains in front of my boyfriend, i almost became a photoshop expert in 4 days , i got bored in Chinese class in France, i ate real yoghurt and real french baguette again, i made infect chinese food and was complimented for it, i re-learnt chinese simplified caracters, i took more pictures of myself in front of the mirror - to witness the formation of new wrinkles day by day, i missed Taiwan rice everyday, i told stupid jokes that weren't funny because i had forgotten the end, i tried to learn Quebecquois without much success, i got sick eating couscous, i waited for my boxes to arrive by boat anxiously, i slept on the floor because it is good for your back, i lost weight, I became a yoga fan, i forced my friends whom i hadn't seen for more than one year to eat modern cuisine and be very hungry because of the small portions, i neglected my photoblog - but i promise i will post on it again, as soon as betablogger corrects its bugs, and i received many many mails from all my friends that i love so much.